Running #Boston2014

Today is my birthday (31!) and if we’ve been in touch the past few years, you know I love to use the opportunity and extra attention to raise money in support of Charity: Water… 

But this year, one month from today on April 21st, I’m running the Boston Marathon! I’m lucky to run with Team Red Cross, and so this year we (yes, you and I) are raising money to support the amazing lifesavers of The American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

As you remember, last year’s Boston Marathon was forever changed by the senseless bombing at the finish line, and it was the American Red Cross who responded within minutes by helping runners, visitors, spectators and first responders. In the days, weeks and months to follow, the American Red Cross provided food, shelter, financial support, and mental health services to those affected, from victims and family members to first responders and community members.

We’re all praying for a safe race day this year, but the aid of The American Red Cross goes so much further than events… whether it’s disaster relief from storms like Sandy, supporting America’s military families, supplying lifesaving blood donations to those in need, or their everyday health and safety services - The American Red Cross is a vital support network for all of us in times of need.

But to execute their mission, they need our support. So, let’s rally together to donate to The American Red Cross! By donating, you will support a tremendous organization AND be relieved of getting me a birthday present. ;)

Training has been brutal through this polar-vortexed-winter, but I found extra motivation when thinking of those The Red Cross aim to serve. On race day, I’m hoping to break 3 hours and 30 minutes, more importantly, I’m hoping we can raise over $4000 together! 

Please consider a donation and help spread the word!

Thanks and love,


Special thanks to Dan Fitzgerald, Heartbreak Hill Running Company and South End Athletic Company for providing coaching and training for Team Red Cross runners!

When I was a junior in college, I spent many late nights in the video editing suite of the Modern Culture & Media department. It was a quiet lab, but occasionally I’d be there with another student named Chris Savage.

My cofounder, Dan, sometimes joined me to work on video projects, but I rarely joined him in the CIT Lab. Had I, I would’ve likely met another student by the name of Brendan Schwartz.

Fast forward two years to 2006, and Chris and Brendan started a company - Wistia - that eventually came to be an awesome video platform for small and medium sized businesses. I was an early user of their first product, and then Dan and I became customers of their next product, as the video back-end for our first company, HomeField (now Rightplay). 

Still with me?

No matter. Point is, it’s funny how small the world is, and how some people are just inextricably weaved into the fabric of your life. Chris and Brendan are exactly that, and they’re simply awesome people, too.

So, when the guys came to town last week, I thought it’d be a great chance to shoot a quick interview with them. Despite the funky color (is Chris purple? Am I?) and my lazy jump-cutting, I think you get a great sense of Wistia and how they look at the world. If you’re into the video ecosystem, it’s worth a watch.

Some highlights:

  • 1:14 Chris describes the Wistia Learning Center.
  • 2:16 The launch of their new HTML5 player!
  • 4:04 Using video for business.
  • 8:42 What are the biggest challenges in our space?

An Open Letter to New YouTube CEO, @SusanWojcicki — “Don’t F*** It Up.”

Dear Susan,

Now, in your hands is a consumer product that touches billions of people around the globe. Through YouTube the world has witnessed countless memorable events — from Felix Baumgartner’s epic live jump from space to the more pedestrian “Charlie bit my finger.” Every day, new creators are made, new content is watched, and new communities are formed. In short, YouTube is a stunningly impressive behemoth and arguably the best consumer-web acquisition of all time.

So please, I’m begging you, please, please, please, don’t f*** it up…

[You can read the rest here].