I’m an ambitious guy, but these are some life goals that have been in my head a long time, so I figured I should just get them out in the open once and for all… 

In no particular order:

  • run a marathon
  • complete an Ironman Triathlon
  • travel to as many countries as i am old (ex: 30 countries by age 30… i’m 3 behind right now.)
  • donate $1M+ to a charity
  • play a pro sport
  • go scubadiving with Great White Sharks in S. Africa
  • have a family
  • start a company
  • invent/design a physical product
  • write/direct a feature-length film
  • live in Australia
  • own a home next to the ocean
  • learn Portuguese (again)
  • angel invest
  • make every year of my life better than the next
  • bungee jump
  • skydive
  • fly a helicopter
  • go heli-snowboarding
  • go to the World Cup (hopefully Brazil 2014)